Many enterprises of Kaisheng Technology Group were approved as national intellectual property advantage enterprises and demonstration enterprises in 2022.

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Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office released the "Announcement on the Evaluation Results of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises and Demonstration Enterprises in 2022. The General Research Institute of China Building Materials and Glass New Materials, an enterprise affiliated to Kaisheng Technology Group, was approved as a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise, and three enterprises, Bengbu Kaisheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu China Building Materials Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. and Kaisheng Junheng Co., Ltd., were approved as national intellectual property advantage enterprises.

Innovation is the first driving force for development, and the protection of intellectual property rights is the protection of innovation. In recent years, Kaisheng Technology Group has continuously improved its competitiveness in key core technologies. It has successively won 2 first prizes for national scientific and technological progress, 4 second prizes for national scientific and technological progress, 1 Chinese patent excellence award, and 2 national intellectual property demonstration enterprises. It has accumulated more than 4500 valid patents and more than 1300 invention patents (including more than 400 overseas patents). As an important platform for China's building materials collection of new materials, Kaisheng Technology Group continues to adhere to technological innovation, protect scientific and technological innovation with intellectual property protection, and drive high-quality development with innovative research and development capabilities.

National intellectual property demonstration enterprises refer to demonstration enterprises with the concept of strategic management of intellectual property rights, the comprehensive development of intellectual property creation, application, protection and management capabilities, outstanding comprehensive competitive advantages of intellectual property rights, and industry influence and benchmarking. it is the highest honor and evaluation of intellectual property management given by the state to enterprises.

National intellectual property advantage enterprises refer to industrial fields that belong to the key development of the country and this city, can undertake major and key industrial development projects of the country and this city, have independent intellectual property rights capabilities, actively carry out intellectual property protection and application, and establish comprehensive intellectual property rights An enterprise with comprehensive intellectual property management system and mechanism.

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