Kaisheng Technology Group 2022 "the most beautiful science and technology workers" announced

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May 30, 2022 is the sixth national science and technology workers' day. In order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientists and stimulate the sense of honor, pride and responsibility of scientific and technological workers, Kaisheng science and technology group organized the selection of "the most beautiful scientific and technological workers" in 2022. After publicity, layer by layer recommendation, qualification examination and other processes, a total of 10 scientific and technological workers were selected, They are outstanding representatives of Kaisheng group's scientific and technological workers, and learning examples.

Kaisheng Technology Group 2022 "Most Beautiful Technology Workers" List

(in no particular order)

Name Gender Work unit and job title
Chen Zhuo Male

Deputy Director and Engineer of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Institute of China National Building Material Glass New Material Research Institute Group Co., Ltd.

Yao Tingting Female

Senior Engineer, China National Building Material Glass New Material Research Institute Group Co., Ltd.

Xia Penghua Male

Bengbu Kaisheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer, Professor-level Senior Engineer

Zhang Wei Male

Deputy Chief Engineer, Director of Electric Control Institute, Professor-level Senior Engineer, Glass Institute of China Building Materials International Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Qin Yunfeng Male

Deputy Minister and Engineer of Nanometer Zirconium Project of Anhui Kaisheng Applied Materials Co., Ltd.

Zhu Meng Male

Chief and Engineer of Surface Grinding Section of Processing Department of Bengbu Zhongguang Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Horse Steady Male

Director and Engineer of Production Department of China Building Materials (Bengbu) Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd.

Zeng Min Male

Technical Director, Director of Production Technology Department and Engineer of China Building Materials (Yixing) New Energy Co., Ltd.

Dong Shujuan Female

Deputy Director of Technology Center, Minister of Quality Management Department, Professor-level Senior Engineer of China Yaohua Glass Group Co., Ltd.

Zhang Ke Male

Deputy Director and Engineer of Design and Research Institute of Hefei Zhongchen Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.

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